Excellence Audits for Maritime Services

Independent and Expert Audits for the Excellence in maritime services, to test the shipping lines and customer services, the customer satisfaction with tailored audits and polls and/or undercover tests in the ferry service, controlling from the proper and safety ferry operations, the vessel operations in ports and navigation, to handling for passengers and vehicles, and services on board, etc. Since, according to Peter Drucker “there is only one valid definition of business: create a customer“, we offer a complete systematic evaluation and measurement of the shipping services offered in connection with customer expectations. The brand positioning, product differentiation and service, or market segmentation is actually put on the table every time the company staff dealing with the customer, however great the Strategic Marketing of the firm. Thus, Customer Service has become the true witness of our product differentiation, and the decisive element in retaining customers, and loyalty for the company to gain or lose our clients for the competition.

Excellence > Talent > Coaching > Leadership > Innovation > Success !

Our objective is help to improve the global maritime offer, based on market feedback and determine what factors should be considered in the offering and service efforts, according to the assessment and perception of customers on their experience with the shipping line in each case. Adapting their strategies to increase customer loyalty, gain new customers, and even regain lost customers, or new opportunities.

So we offer Audits of Quality and Service Excellence, specialized and focused on the maritime sector, for the analysis and verification over the field the real development of the core business of the company, and various additional products and services of the shipping line. In this way, we can perform various audits tailored to the needs of the company from the audit of the service offered by the call-center, and the different services of sales online, to services on board, through the port handling for passengers and vehicles, line port operations, or specific audits of ISM Code and ISPS Code. It may also provide the experience and leadership in systems and solutions for the industry Ferry, with the most advanced and innovative IT services and Business Intelligence for the sector.

We also offer audit and sales training for sales teams on board and cabin crews, as well as auditing and training in telemarketing for the maritime sector.

We manage satisfaction surveys and polls about the maritime line offered, with customer service audits to analyze and evaluate the experience and clients satisfaction, based on contacts with inactive customers and/or lost, customers from competition, prospects, and current customers of the maritime line. By measuring the position of the shipping and its competence under the perception of your customer, buying habits, and motivations for choosing one service or another in your market.

All this can also be integrated in a wider range of services we provide. Within an overall Strategic Management, ranging from our offer of Boutique Consulting for the maritime sector, to specific processes of Strategic Marketing, Project Management, and Interim Management for the sector.

Areas of Expertise
Excellence Audit Services


    ✔ Tailored Audits and Polls
    ✔ Quality and Excellence Audits of Service specialized and focused on the maritime sector
    ✔ Analysis over the field the real development of the core business activity of the company
    ✔ Audits of various additional products and services to the shipping line
    ✔ Audit of the call-center and the various services for sales online and Digital Marketing
    ✔ Audits of Services on board
    ✔ Audit and sales training for sales teams on board and cabin crew

  • ✔ Audit and telemarketing training for the maritime sector

    ✔ Expert consultancy in port handling of passengers and vehicles

    ✔ Line port operations

    ✔ Specific Audits for ISM Code and ISPS Code

    ✔ Experience and leadership in systems for the Ferry industry

    ✔ Advanced and innovative IT services and Business Intelligence for the sector

    ✔ Service satisfaction surveys and polls

Our Excellence Audit Process


Announcement Letter ✔
Initial Meetings ✔
Preliminary Survey ✔
Internal Control Review ✔
Audit Program ✔


Transaction Testing ✔
Advice & Informal Communications ✔
Audit Summary ✔
Working Papers ✔
Testing the Shipping Lines & Customer Services ✔ Analysis over the field ✔ Audit call-centers and IT systems ✔ Audit Onboard and Infotainment offers ✔ Port handling ✔ Port operations ✔ ISM and ISPS Codes ✔ Service Satisfaction surveys and polls ✔


 Discussion Draft ✔
Exit Conference ✔
Formal Draft ✔
Final Report ✔
Client Response ✔
Client Comments ✔


 Follow Up Review ✔
Follow Up Report ✔
Audit Annual Report to the Board ✔

Our Principles for Excellence Audits

Ethical Conduct

Fair Resolution

Due Professional Care


Evidence-based approach

Recognised Expertise on Shipping Business
with the industry Best Practices