Strategic Marketing > Market Intelligence

Differentiation of Products and Services, Market Segmentation, Brand Positioning, the three pillars on which rests the reality of modern Strategic Marketing, must be defined and redefined, and placed in working order. From simple Restyling and strengthening of our brands to the Branding positioning and Co-Branding; active Management of a real communication media, with creative actions of high impact and low cost; or the deepest and inescapable definition and development of Strategic Business Units (SBU); to the formulation and reformulation of Marketing Plans and Sales Actions, because without clearly and defined goals, the success is just a matter of luck… and failure just a question of time. Are just some of our strategic skills to achieve business success, also in our sector. Strategic Marketing Tools that is necessary need to know how to deploy and combine effectively together, to reach tools and skills working for us.

Strategic System
Market Research & Development

Through the Strategic Marketing, our Strategic System for the maritime and transportation sector primarily pursues the following objectives:

✔ Accurate identification of needs and motivations of our potential market (prospects, clients, customers, but also competitors, potential strategic partners, new entrants, etc.)

Strategic Management Process

Our Strategic Management Process for the maritime sector and the Transport industry, consists of four distinct phases:

✔ Advantages and distinctive internal analysis of the company. External analysis of the sector and key factors. SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. New entrants, Rivalry, Power of Buyers and Suppliers, Threat of substitute services. Market Segmentation. Selection of markets. Competitive Analysis. Analysis of the environment. Marketing audit. Positioning value.

Market Intelligence > Competitive Insight & Market Insight

Our Market Intelligence Process for the maritime sector and the transportation industry.
The info relevant to a company’s markets, gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining strategy in areas such as market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development.

Strategic and Business System
> Innovation and Growth

Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” -Peter F. Drucker.
So, let’s try a new approach…

Branding and Co-Branding
Communication and Media Management

Aware that everything is done and not said, does not really exist, our Strategic Model for the renovation of our sector integrates the most innovative and modern techniques of business communication, pursuing the objective of strengthening the Brand itself (always at the lowest possible cost, and because otherwise we would go to the expeditious and costly investment in advertising). For the purpose, of course, to finally grow market share and thereby in turnover, business benefit, increase share value for shareholders… which is what in the end is business; because even if we do not it comes down to a cold operating account, the economic viability of the company is what fundamentally seeks sustainability.

But, so that communication will be not only effective, but efficient for company results, must be well focused and better targeted; strategically managed. Focused on new technologies and means of information, and directed essentially to the needs and motivations of our potential target. Recipient precisely on a strategic approach is not always our ultimate customer or not always coincide with our purchaser of goods and services, depending on the strategic objective adopted. Customers themselves, but also market, competitors or potential partners; all generate their own strategic message, and are potential recipients of our corporative Communication activity.

Through our strategic vision, we define the message of the company and its audience, and we relate to companies with its natural market, using and abusing the “free” offered by new technologies and other elements and skills we believe useful. Especially because of a professional knowledge about it, that “free” we have indicated is derived, and many times more venture investments in expensive advertising campaigns is avoided.

Digital Marketing Boutique

Consequence of the above, indeed, it is often the need for a Digital Marketing, which we also offer to our clients, specialized and focused in the maritime and transportation sector. The Digital Marketing is closely related to the Strategic Management process of Media and Communication, with branding positioning (Branding and Co-branding), service differentiation, and market segmentation.

In Maritime Consulting Group Spain we can design and create your corporate website, so that you can get a growing community of prospects and customers to your business, thereby fostering loyalty and connection with your brand. Whether as part of a broader action of a Digital Marketing plan, or not. In any event, our large and proven experience in the transportation sector, leads us to ensure full focus of your website with the sector it belongs. We use the latest technology and can guarantee the highest performance, secure and stable, lightweight and fast, Responsive to not have to worry about the adaptability to tablets and mobile platforms, and on the latest HTML5 technology. SEO Optimization and Microdata: we create websites with enhancements for effective and quick presence in search engines, while we use microdata, which further enhances the communication of your website with search engines.

Best of all, an offer that is very hard to find in the market at today: our more than 25 years experience in the Transport sector, ensuring that your strategy of Digital Marketing is a Boutique, highly specialized and focused on the industry that your company and brand belongs, based on a large and recognized expertise in the maritime and the transportation sector, and on a broad base of professional relations and contacts.