Executive Coaching & Mentoring

In addition to Strategic Consulting services, we also provide our clients and their executives, professional experience and business skills of our Consultant team, based on the proximity of learning and expertise given the new disciplines of the Executive Coach and Mentoring. Innovative and original services in our sector.

In Executive Coaching training we can take the pulse of the organization of the company, contributing to their personal and professional improvement through motivational speaking, or in situ monitoring of the activity of managers, both for individual and teams.

By Executive Mentoring we can link closely with the director or officer of the company, complementing their vision and training, with the expert help of a mentor for our team that walks well on the achievement of objectives, and stimulating their potential for that benefits the company.

These highly interesting and widely used in the modern business world in other countries, disciplines are based on trust and, of course, are made possible by specific training and professional and business experience of our team.

Individual Executive Coaching & Teams

We offer our Executive Coaching for the maritime sector, both individually and for teams.

Within the Individual Coaching, and according to the objectives to be achieved, we can develop the following:

Individual Executive Coaching for Business strategy, either to achieve results, and identifying threats and opportunities.

Individual Executive Coaching for the management of individual Change, either for finding new professional challenges, the integration into new work teams, or adapting to new business functions.

Individual Executive Coaching to develop new business skills, either for decision-making, leadership development, or planning and time management.

Individual Executive Coaching for Innovation to develop creative processes.

Within the Executive Team Coaching we orient in creating high performance teams, working on relationships and cohesion of its members, either for Steering Committees, Sales or Commercial Teams, and Business Development departments.

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