Strategic Advisory & Boutique Consulting
for the Transportation industry

Specialised in approach and implementation of Strategic Management Processes, definition and restructuring of Strategic Business Units, Managing Directors and Interim/Project Management for the maritime sector and Transportation industry. The Maritime Consulting Group joins a prestigious and selected team of independent experts in their respective professional areas.

We are Founders, Managing Directors and Board Members of several Transportation companies specialising in the transport of passengers and freight, as Shipowners, Ship Agents, Freight Forwarders, and Shipping Brokers. Hands-on experience of the Supply Chain and Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, and Surface transport; the Tourism sector, founded metropolitan and touristic maritime lines for passengers, managed the acquisition and merger of travel agencies; the Technology sector providing leading and innovative IT and Business Intelligence solutions to the Passenger Vessel Industry; and the Strategic Consulting Business. Over 30 years of professional and business expertise with the industry best practices in the Transportation sector, having held Senior Managing positions in several Groups and Shipping Corporations in Europe and Overseas.

Boutique Consulting Firm

  • The Maritime Consulting Group offers a comprehensive and highly specialized service to our clients, in order to optimize their transformation and business change, whatever their corporate objectives. Helping to transport companies and shipping corporations from the beginning, through our Strategic Model of Innovation and Growth, to discover and explore their Unique Selling Proposition -USP, understanding its true market positioning, with the most innovative management tools and strategic skills. Focused on the reality of the business sector of Transportation, to which we belong, and where we have over 30 years of professional activity.

    Gaining valuable knowledge and expertise in this regard, as well as personal and professional relationships, a broad and specialized know-how & know-who in the industry, which is hard to find in other generalist consulting firms.

    With our professional and expert evaluation of projects and maritime transport, both passenger and freight, we also bring the possibility of a wider management and project management, either interim or longer term.

  • While we offer Business Coaching and Mentoring services, novel and original proposal in our industry, and training plans tailored to the companies, programs that aim to keep in the best fitness to their management teams. With a thorough know-how and demonstrated and proven experience in shipping services for passengers and freight, we can provide our business vision and our recognized expertise in this regard, the analysis of opportunity for new regular lines for passenger and cargo in consolidated maritime traffics or emerging, as in Short-Sea Shipping.

    We can also contribute with our knowledge in the field of Tourism, closely related to the Ferry industry, with expertise in acquisition and management of travel agencies, metropolitan and touristic shipping lines for passengers, etc.

    Just as we can offer the best choice of IT and Business Intelligence for the Ferry industry, with the worldwide leader in comprehensive systems for the maritime sector, widely demanded, and supported annually over 33 million passengers and 5 million vehicles, in 18 countries worldwide -now also in Spain and Portugal-, through 35 shipping lines.

Shipping Consultants & Global Strategists

  • The Maritime Consulting Group joins a prestigious and selected team of independent experts in their respective professional areas, with the industry best practices. Thus, Maritime Consulting Group Spain gets cover not only major disciplines and areas of expertise to meet its commitment to Strategic Consulting and restructuring for the shipping sector and Transportation industry, but also a wider range of business and industrial sectors. Maritime Consulting can meet any need that arises during the process of restructuring and the implementation of strategic business project.

  • Multidisciplinary service: from the purely business vision until related legal, labour psychology and HR, or innovative business skills and Strategic Marketing and Digital Marketing.

    Maritime Consulting also has external professionals with whom have a close and long working relationship, and to provide additional and complementary services related. Maritime Consulting responds globally, through its specialized team, during the whole process of Strategic consulting.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

  • In addition to Strategic Consulting services, we also provide our clients and their executives, professional experience and business skills of our Consultant team, based on the proximity of learning and expertise given the new disciplines of Executive Coach and Mentoring. Innovative and original services in our sector.

    In Business Coaching training is we can take the pulse of the organization of the company, contributing to their personal and professional improvement through motivational speaking, or in situ monitoring of the activity of managers, both for individual and teams.

  • By Business Mentoring We can link closely with the director or officer of the company, complementing their vision and training, with the expert help of a mentor for our team that walks well on the achievement of objectives, and stimulating their potential for that benefits the company.

    These highly interesting and widely used in the modern business world in other countries, disciplines are based on trust and, of course, are made possible by specific training and professional and business experience of our team.