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The Maritime Consulting Group means vocational responsive Service and our expert help to our customers and partners for growth and business success, in our industry.


Increase the global value of The Maritime Consulting Group, through constant improvement in customer satisfaction, professional development and personal growth of our staff, and commitment to the society, in a comprehensive and indispensable framework of respect for Ethical Values.


Establishment and development of actions and policies of Excellence, Service, Efficiency and Innovation, through which the continuous analysis pursued and fully satisfy the needs of our customers and our staff, in our vocation as responsible and expert help for the Strategic renewal on the Transport sector.


To consolidate our leadership position in the field of Transport & Maritime Strategic Advisory, supported by the following values:

  • The right people with the best industry practices and technology development
  • Excellence Services and Management
  • Stable long-term relationships with our customers and collaborators

About Our Strategic Process


  • Discovery Sessions

    Business Approach

    Advantages and distinctive internal analysis of the company.

    External analysis of the sector and key factors.

  • SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. New entrants, Rivalry, Power of Buyers and Suppliers, Threat of substitute services.

    Porter's Five Forces Analysis.

    Market Segmentation.

    Selection of markets.

    Competitive Analysis.

    Analysis of the environment.

    Marketing audit.

    Positioning value.

Planning and
Strategy Formulation

  • Project Definitions and Approval


    Vision, Mission and Corporative Values​​.

  • The vision of the company is an intuitive process that results from experience. The mission defines the reason for the company, which will affect their present and future activities, provides unity, sense of direction and guidance in making strategic decisions. The company philosophy is the system of values ​​and beliefs of an organization.

of the
defined Strategic Management

  • Deliver

    Development Launch

    Solutions Delivery

  • Communication and information flow in the company; Organizational structure that maximizes the strengths and skills; Commitment and identification with the company objectives, strategies to move to action; Integration or Network Organization. The success of the Strategic Management Process really depends on the organization and the support of its people.

Evaluation and Control of the Strategic Management

  • Support


    Follow Up


  • Evaluation and Control of the Strategic Management Process.

    Monitoring, evaluation and adjustments of any necessary changes in the execution plan, in order to redirect the company and achieve business success.