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Carus offers specialized IT solution services for ferry operators. With expertise in sales systems, e-commerce, travel and transport booking, Carus will help you to make your business processes and your IT maintenance efficient and help you to get the right information at the right time out of your systems.

Carus is present in 18 countries worldwide, providing service to 30 million passengers and over 5 million vehicles annually. Our servers handle 2 million database transactions daily, and our integration servers handle over 450,000 SOAP requests per day.


Carus International Executive Senior Consulting

Using our position in the industry we have recruited some of the industry’s most respected senior executives to join our consulting service and we will work with you to match the right skills to your maritime concern. We have drawn together a team of ten highly experienced executives from every discipline within passenger vessel management, giving you the opportunity to source any or all roles that you may require in your management team either for a short term project or longer assignments. We can provide help for your Management Team by providing hands-on experience in areas such as: the CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CFO, CCO, CSO and HR.


Carus is Member and proud sponsor of the Passenger Vessel Association, the Shippax Ferry Conference Onboard, and Platinum Sponsor of the Interferry Conference, and ANAVE, the Spanish Shpowners’ Association.



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Carus Spain
Latest News

Trasmediterranea chooses Carus !

The Spanish leading ferry company, Trasmediterránea has entrusted to Carus the development and start-up of its new ePoS for sales and services on board. Carus has extensive experience in developing applications and integrated electronic sales systems in the maritime transport sector. Trasmediterranea has opted for a more modern and integrated retail and catering system that would allow a new sales and inventory process to be carried out on board its passenger fleet, connected to a central office to facilitate management control and information. The system also allows to support Trasmediterranea ferry operations and, as the shipping company grows, to assume the application of new technologies in its fleet. It also improves the delivery of a global service and the ability to capitalize on customer loyalty.

Trasmediterranea currently operates 58 lines, covered by 23 vessels, including passenger ships with a multitude of outlets in bars and restaurants on board. This new system of Carus will lead to an improvement in the management of inventories and suppliers of such points of sale and in customer loyalty systems, with integrated facilities for card processing.

Porto Santo chooses Carus !

Porto Santo Line is a Portuguese maritime transport company responsible for the maritime transport of passengers and goods between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. In June 2003 a new built vessel called “Lobo Marinho” arrived, replacing the previous one, making the trip an even more attractive, safer, and faster experience. It´s a ship with a high standard of comfort and quality that meets all expectations of the line, making the trip to Porto Santo an unforgettable trip with an authentic Cruise-Ferry experience. The partnership between Porto Santo Line and Torre Praia Hotels, Praia Dourada and Luamar Aparthotel in Porto Santo, allows several promotional packages, designed to make the visit on the island as pleasant as possible.

Now, Porto Santo Line will also have the Carus Reservation System, bringing the most advanced Booking and Check-In solution to Madeira and Porto Santo, for an even better user experience.

Naviera Armas chooses Carus !

Naviera Armas chooses Carus Port Automation, and entrusts to Carus the project of port automation of its new terminal of last generation for passenger and ro-ro in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).

New state-of-the-art terminal in las Palmas.
Armas recently obtained a 50 year concession for a new state-of-the-art five ro-ro berth home terminal in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It will becone one of the most advanced ferry terminals in the world. Carus Port Automation has been instrumental in the automation of the 80.000 m2 terminal. The Carus Port Automation suite covers all parts of the port processes for foot-passengers, passenger vehicles and freight vehicles. Carus provides both software, hardware and integration servicies in order to provide customers with an efficient port experience.

Some of the Carus Port Automation suite features are: Ticket vending machines, Automated vehicles check-in, Video measurement of vehicles, ANPR and transponder identification , Foot-passenger boarding gates, Remote customer service by VOIP to the automates

The Carus Port Automation suite is designed to enhance the customer experience and gives the passengers a relaxing start of their ferry journey.

Latest Events

The Ferry Shipping Conference

Carus Team at the Carus booth -Ferry Shipping Conference, Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm
Keith Sherwood, Jose Rodríguez, Tim Watson, Anders Rundberg (Founder & CEO), Yolanda Stewart, Simon Johnson, John Bertell

Interferry 42nd Annual Conference

Carus is proud to be a platinum sponsor for the 42nd Interferry conference taking place in Split, Croatia from 7-11 October 2017. The annual event brings the ferry industry together to debate and present on key topics and innovations affecting the sector.  This year’s conference will focus on the areas of customer service, ship technology and safety.

Carus Team at the Carus booth -Interferry:
Keith Sherwood, John Burness, John Bertell, Jose Rodríguez, Anders Rundberg, Tim Watson, Petri Ebeling

Carus Press Release: Carus shows strong growth and acquires two companies

Carus continues to grow rapidly and has purchased Quintek Systems in England and MNC Marine in Finland. Carus has grown rapidly and steadily and has now firmly established itself as the leading supplier of all consumer facing systems for the global ferry industry.

With the purchase of the retail specialist Quintek Systems,, Carus establishes itself in the United Kingdom with two offices, in London and Leeds, and opens a new business unit Carus Retail. Quintek Systems solution for restaurants, shops and bars has already been integrated into Carus’ systems platform and are live with the first client Wightlink, with further installations in progress.

“I’m delighted that we now are able to establish the new business unit Carus Retail and at the same time get a presence in England in addition to the newly opened office in Seattle, USA”, says Carus’ CEO Anders Rundberg. He continues “We can now offer an integrated solution with focus on the traveller and consumer. This will allow our clients to create new products and increase their level of service while they, at the same time, can reduce the complexity of their operational IT systems”.

Carus has also purchased MNC Marine (, a Mariehamn Finland based specialist in communications and Infotainment solutions at sea. MNCs services and products will be integrated with Carus’ systems platform to create new and enhanced services on-board that previously been broadly unavailable to the ferry industry.

“We expand rapidly and the demand for our products are strong and we have recruited heavily during the last year, our ambition is to show a continued strong growth”.
Anders Rundberg -CEO of Carus

Carus Excellence Award -Ritz Madrid

Anders Rundberg CEO Carus, presenting the Carus Excellence Award, during the ANAVE General Assembly -Ritz Madrid, June 24, 2014

Think Tank –Mariehamn (Aland-Finland)

Carus Executive Consulting team, Think Tank in Mariehamn (Aland, Finland)
Aland, December 11-12, 2014

Carus Consultants:
Simon Johnson, Anders Rundberg, Bengt Lindberg, Yolanda Stewart, Kaj Jansson, Jose Rodríguez, Sune Häggblom

Spanish Shipowners’ Association – Agreement

Agreement Carus – ANAVE for the partnership and sponsorship of the Spanish Shipowners’ Association, Madrid February 5, 2015

Manuel Carlier -ANAVE CEO, and Jose Rodríguez -Carus Spain Representative

Carus Excellence Award 2015 -Ritz Madrid

Ceremony of Carus Excellence Award 2015 to Mr. Vicente Boluda Fos – Chairman Boluda Corporación Marítima, during the Spanish Shipowners’ Association (ANAVE) General Assembly

Hotel Ritz Madrid, June 25, 2015

Jose Rodríguez – Carus Spain Representative, with Mr. Vicente Boluda Fos – Chairman Boluda Corporación Marítima and Carus Excellence Award 2015

John Bertell -Carus Sales Manager, delivers the award to Mr. Vicente Boluda